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Stories of Damaged Psyches

by Weldon Burge

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This is a collection of five horror/suspense stories by Weldon Burge, including:

Sizzle -- A philandering doctor meets a hill man who wants the "sizzle" cut out of his brain

Another Highway Fatality -- A college girl, driving alone late at night during a heavy storm, is stalked by a car with a missing headlight

White Hell, Wisconsin -- A snow plow driver, plowing back roads in rural Wisconsin during a blizzard, fights for his life against elusive assailants

Permanent Detention -- A stressed-out teenager believes his History teacher is actually one of the living dead

Blue Eye Burn -- A Vietnam veteran is haunted by a terrifying incident involving a young Vietnamese girl


The cover illustration was created by Dan Verkys; cover design by Amy York.


"This collection of short stories from Weldon Burge was exceptional. Besides his fine-tuned voice and sharp writing, the stories are all suspenseful, scary, and unique, despite the common thread of the theme. His ability to create visuals and evoke emotions with few words is amazing. There's nothing unnecessary in Burge's stories ... the prose is whittled down and crystal clear. ... In a world where writing might be enjoyable but not always surprising, Burge accomplishes both. This compilation is highly recommended for anyone who loves short stories, horror on any level, or just plain great writing."

"I was taken in within moments of starting this book. I refused to put it down until I finished reading every word. Masterfully written! This author is a true story teller. I am eager to read more of Weldon's work. I truly would recommend this book to any an all."

"I enjoyed all of the stories but for 'Blue Eye Burn' I would have given 10 stars. It is a beautifully written piece that I don't think I will ever forget."

"Weldon has gathered another great compilation of stories, only this time from his personal collection. 'Sizzle' and 'Permanent Detention' were my favorites. A must read for fans of Weldon, or to validate your own damaged psyche."

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