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A Novella by Laura Cooney & L.L. Soares

Green Tsunami
Green Tsunami

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"You would think that when a big green tsunami pounds down on the earth and floods the streets, and rips buildings out of the ground, that the scientists would have seen something coming. That they could have prepared for it. But this seems to have caught everyone with their pants down.

"And it doesn’t make sense that anyone survived. Nobody seems to remember when it actually hit. And nobody can figure out how we all didn’t get wiped out. How we all didn’t just drown.

"I’ve never seen such damage. And at the same time, it all seems to be healing over in some weird way. New things growing in their place–I can’t identify most of it. But I’ll try if you let me ..."


Laura Cooney and L.L. Soares have created an apocalytpic novella that is disturbing, graphic, and provocative. A mysterious "green tsunami" has swept the planet–and nothing will be the same as both living and inanimate things begin to metamorphosize into a new horrifying reality. The story is told entirely via emails between a man and his wife, separated by the catastrophe, describing the terrors they must face as they strive to survive.


The cover illustration is by Dan Verkys, with a cover design by Ju Kim. Interior illustrations were created by Will Renfro, Justynn Tyme, and Ju Kim.