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Jack Ketchum

No stranger to controversy, Jack Ketchum’s first novel, Off Season, published in 1980, was a turning point in the field of horror fiction. Stephen King has said of him, “Jack Ketchum is an archetype, no writer who has read him can help being influenced by him and no general reader that runs across his work can easily forget him, he has a dark streak of American genius.” 

Jack received four Bram Stoker awards and three nominations. Many of his novels have been adapted for film, including The LostThe Girl Next DoorRedOffspring, and The Woman. Visit Jack’s website at for more about his releases, movie adaptations of his work, and other information. 

His story, "Those Rockports Won't Get You Into Heaven," was published in Insidious Assassins.

His story, "The Rose," appeared in
Zippered Flesh 3.