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Asinine Assassins anthology
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Inept, brainless, daft, harebrained, loony, witless, lunkheaded, just plain stupid.

Not exactly attributes you seek when employing a hired gun, right?

The first two books in the 'Assassins' anthology series, Uncommon Assassins and Insidious Assassins, were well-received and reviewed. Most readers enjoyed the diversity of genres and styles in these books, and we’d like to continue that diversity with the new anthology. This time, however, our stories focused on incompetent and lunatic characters—with a dash of dark humor flavoring the suspense. This is NOT your typical crime fiction. If you love a wonderful blend of suspense, humor, and general weirdness, expect to be surprised and entertained!

The anthology has 24 stories. The stories include:

  • a possibly true (but probably not) Jack the Ripper story
  • a hitman who uses every excuse possible to avoid his next mark
  • a female assassin who's really, really, really into fashion
  • a killer who wants to design a website to market his services
  • an absolutely absurd assassin facing off with Sherlock Holmes
  • a deer out for revenge
  • and, of course, a gang of assassin … otters.

That's just a taste of what you have in store when you open the book! This must be the weirdest Smart Rhino anthology yet!


The image to left and in the cover below was created by Georg Schultschik. Cover design by Ju Kim.