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Insidious Assassins anthology
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There is a peculiar allure of insidious characters—and especially assassins, hit men, and their ilk. Perhaps we find their uncomplicated moral codes and brutal efficiency appealing. These characters care little about ethics—and perhaps that alone, that freedom from guilt, is exactly why we love them. Perhaps, deep down, we wish we could be like them. And perhaps, by reading stories with such characters, we can vicariously experience that thrill. With this fascination with evil characters in mind, Smart Rhino Publications decided to publish this anthology, Insidious Assassins, a sequel to Uncommon Assassins.


The book contains 24 stories by some of the best horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy authors writing today. Here you will meet some truly insidious characters--characters you may find yourself applauding when you know you shouldn't. Enjoy!



The image to left and in the cover below was created by Whitney Cook. Cover design by Scott Medina.

Insidious Assassins anthology